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Consumer behavior - B2C trends - Xemoto Media - Influencer Marketing
Consumer behavior in B2C - Influencer marketing

The way people shop is going through a big transformation, especially after Covid-19. The whole purchasing game is different now, and businesses are adapting to new trends based on how consumers behave. Predictions suggest that a whopping 64% of spending will happen online in the next decade. Understanding these customer behavior trends is crucial for businesses that want to stay in the growing market. 

Mobile Commerce

The growing trend of using smartphones for shopping is evident, as 76% of people now regard it as their main shopping device. Mobile commerce, driven by the convenience of handheld devices, has become the most widely used tool for making purchases. This surge has reshaped B2C insights, as businesses now focus on optimizing the mobile shopping experience.

Consumers, armed with their smartphones, enjoy the ease of browsing and buying on-the-go. This shift has prompted businesses to adapt by creating mobile-friendly websites and dedicated shopping apps. The evolution of mobile payment trends has further streamlined the transaction process, making it seamless and efficient.

As a result, businesses keen on staying competitive are investing in technologies that enhance the mobile shopping journey. Insights derived from mobile commerce transactions offer valuable data on consumer preferences and behaviors, influencing how businesses tailor their customer behavior trends strategies to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile-centric market.

Social Commerce

Social media's impact on buying decisions is profound, with 67% of global consumers making purchases through social commerce. Facebook takes the lead, closely followed by Instagram, showcasing the widespread influence of these platforms. Recognizing this trend, businesses are prioritizing social-specific deals and discounts, with 39% of global shoppers stating it would encourage them to buy on social media.

The integration of shopping features on social platforms, especially during livestreams, has become a major source of consumer engagement. These customer behavior trends are reshaping B2C dynamics as international marketing businesses leverage social commerce trends to connect directly with their audience.

Sustainability in Consumer Choices

The growing emphasis on sustainability is reshaping consumer choices, with an increasing focus on eco-friendly products and sustainable practices by brands. Concerns about global warming have led 52% of shoppers to alter their purchasing behaviors. 

Interestingly, there's a clear demand for more sustainable options, as reflected in the 63% of consumers expressing a wish for brands to include resale or second-hand sections on their websites. Despite this, a substantial 59% feel that companies are falling short in their efforts to counteract environmental impacts.

For businesses, embracing sustainable practices is not just one of the many customer behavior trends but a strategic imperative to attract and retain loyal shoppers. Understanding and investing in these consumer sentiments is essential for brands looking to foster a deeper connection with their audience, as sustainability has become an increasingly vital factor in purchase decisions.

Businesses must stay vigilant to the ever-changing consumer behavior. Utilizing influencers, especially on high-purchase platforms, is important for effective marketing. Constant adaptation to evolving trends is essential, ensuring sustained resonance with consumers in the dynamic landscape of B2C interactions. Subscribe to get more information and stay aware of the latest market trends. 

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