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Beyond Instagram: Exploring New Influencer Platforms and Strategies

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New Influencer Platforms - Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing has grown exceedingly in recent years, it seems there's no diversity in its content. As of now, Instagram is home to 37 million influencers, and the numbers keep growing. To spread the impact of influencer marketing and keep our audience engaged, we must explore new influencer platforms and strategies.

In this article, we will discuss multiple platforms influencers can benefit from and different strategies for each one.

  1. TikTok

Despite being one of the new influencer platforms, TikTok has become a popular commodity in marketing. Even with its content limited to 15-60 seconds, influencers gain some of the best interaction rates on this app. In fact, 73% of consumers prefer short-term videos when searching for products online.

Influencers on this app can understand how to create engaging content in under a minute. They can showcase a product through ongoing trends and challenges or through duets with brands and other influencers.

  1. Youtube 

What separates YouTube from most new influencer platforms is the length of its videos. While apps like Instagram and TikTok can only spare a few seconds, YouTube videos can go on for hours on end. However, with long videos, influencers will need to make extra effort in recording, editing, and uploading their content. 

What makes up for the extra effort is the countless marketing strategies influencers can use on this platform. That includes in-depth reviews of products, sponsorship, brand collaborations, etc. Influencers can showcase a product in ‘How to’ videos since their searches increase by 70% every year.

  1. Facebook

While Facebook isn’t considered a relatively new social media platform, it's still home to many successful influencers. That’s because this influencer platform isn't limited to one kind of content. On Facebook, users can post multiple photos, videos of any length, and engaging text posts. 

With Facebook, influencers can create a professional page for recommending products and tagging their favorite brands. There’s also a Facebook live feature where influencers can connect with their audience in real-time to feature brand collaborations and events.

  1. Blogs

Blog influencers have a greater impact on their followers because they provide more information than most social media posts. Bloggers have the liberty to give well-documented posts on various topics like food, fashion, technology, travel, etc. However, most bloggers prefer to stick to a specific niche. 

Blogging influencers can make your product feel more authentic through storytelling and recounting personal experiences. If the product solves a specific problem or improves one’s life, an influencer can give a detailed recommendation that appeals to their audience. 

  1. Twitch 

Twitch is another one of the new influencer platforms that’s rampant with video game lovers. It specializes in live videos that millions of viewers can watch, comment on, and tip their favorite users. This is the perfect platform for gaming businesses to promote their video games.

Brands can sponsor influencers to play and review their games. They can also collaborate with the brand's prize giveaways, live unboxings, and exclusive product reveals. 

In the growing landscape of marketing, influencer platforms, and strategies have gone beyond Instagram. Now, you’ll find multiple new influencer platforms that can help you boost your products and brand in more ways than one and to a larger extent. 

If you’re interested in partnering with influencers to promote your brand, subscribe to Xemoto Media. We’ll connect you with the best influencers who can engage your customers and speak highly of your products.

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