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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Finance Industry

Artificial Intelligence - Finance Industry - Xemoto Media - Influencer Marketing
AI in the Finance Industry - Influencer Marketing

AI has become integral to transforming multiple industries and how they operate in just a few years. These industries include healthcare, manufacturing, software, etc. So, it's no surprise that one would also find the use of AI in finance. It has completely changed the industry's inner workings, which the company and customers alike have benefited from.

In this article, we’ll discuss how artificial intelligence has streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making, and revolutionized the world of finance.

1.Smart and Quick Decision-Making

Working with AI in finance helps institutions make well-informed decisions. It helps them to assess risks, identify top marketing trends, and optimize business strategies. AI can provide banks with compelling insights and predictions for better investment plans.

Beyond that, the response time for these predictions is relatively fast. The quick speed at which AI gives an analysis helps make timely decisions to navigate volatile markets

2. Fraud Prevention and Security Safeguards

Another benefit of using AI in finance is its ability to detect security threats. According to the recent white paper “Fighting Fraud with a Model of Models” released by Nets and KPMG, the new AI fraud-detection engine can potentially provide 40% fraud protection on top of existing measures in place. 

AI can easily recognize misdeeds like identity theft, account takeover, insurance fraud, etc. Their algorithms are engineered to identify patterns and anomalies related to fraud tactics and adapt to new ones constantly. 

Furthermore, to avoid threats on a much larger scale, there are laws all financial institutions must adhere to. Through AI, you can automatically comply with such laws and avoid any cases of grave negligence. 

3. Improved Customer Services

The best part about incorporating AI in finance is its easy convenience for customers. Before AI, customers were always limited to business operating hours and in-person visits. Now, chatbots are available for round-the-clock inquiries and are a way for people to learn to handle their finances. 

These assistants also can make financial tasks easily accessible to customers and quick to finish. They can easily carry out everyday tasks like transferring funds, paying bills, notifying customers of account activities, etc.

According to Zendesk, the individuals who used Zendesk AI enjoyed 30% faster resolution times

4. Efficient Operations

The problem with relying on human labor instead of AI is that we’re more prone to making oversights. No matter how experienced a person may be in their field, there’s always a chance for error. AI, however, can carry out automated tasks with quick precision and minimal mistakes. 

An additional benefit of AI is that it reduces the operational costs of human labor. This will save money spent on employee salaries, training, and error compensations.

5. Personalized Banking Experience

Banks can create a more personalized customer experience by incorporating AI in finance. Typically, banks only offer customers standard services that don’t meet all of their financial needs. However, AI has the ability to provide personalized recommendations by constantly evaluating customer data like spending patterns, transactions, etc. 

Not only does personalized banking satisfy customers, but it also garners banks huge profits, up to 20 trillion.

There's no limit to what artificial intelligence can do for the financial industry. From top-notch security to efficient operations, AI has completely redefined financial operations in ways nobody thought possible. 

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