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Short-Form Video Platforms: The Next Big Frontier for Influencer Marketing

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Short-form platforms - Influencer marketing

Short-form platforms have grown so much in recent years that they have become a popular choice for consumers to interact with. 73% of customers prefer short-form videos when learning about a product because of how condensed they are. Short-form video platform growth has done a great deal in simplifying effective marketing strategies for brands.

In this article, we’ll discuss several ways your brand can benefit from using short-form video platforms in your influencer marketing strategy. 

Gathers More Engagement

Short-form videos are perfect for capturing a viewer's attention and keeping them interested til the very end. Since people have a narrow attention span of 8.25 seconds, long texts or video content won't have the same engagement. 

Content on short-form video platforms generally ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. Brands are required to capture the viewer's attention in the first few seconds and deliver their information for the rest. The idea is to present these messages in a way that is both concise and impactful.

User-Generated Content

Short-form video platforms flourish under user-generated content. These platforms push brands and influencers to craft relatable and genuine content that viewers will like. This means more activity with your posts, relations with your audience, and building loyalty for your brand. 

To create an effective marketing plan, you’ll need to make content your viewers will enjoy and engage with. With these platforms, you’re sure to lean toward user-generated content and increase your audience.

Viral Potential

Another thing short-form video platforms are known for is their ability to create viral content. This usually has to do with the common trends and challenges that take up these platforms. Influencers also often participate in these trends and challenges to secure a place in the viral wave and boost their visibility. 

Since 47% of marketers agree that short-form videos are most likely to go viral, marketing on these platforms won't be a challenging obstacle. Both brands and influencers can reach a massive audience through the viral nature of these platforms.

Increased Visibility

Due to the viral nature of short-form video platforms, your content is most likely to reach a wider audience and increase in visibility. When influencers create videos on these platforms, viewers will often engage by liking and sharing them. This engagement has the potential to spread widely and reach millions of users in a short time. 

Furthermore, short-form videos can be shared and reposted on various other platforms as well. This means instead of being limited to one, brands can leverage several platforms to expand their reach. 

Accessible Content Creation

The best part about these platforms is how creating content for them is incredibly simple. Influencers don't need a complex setup or expensive recording equipment to create engaging content. This means these platforms are easily accessible to creators from various backgrounds.

With a wide range of accessibility, brands have the opportunity to collaborate with different kinds of creators. They can better represent the diversity of their brand and enhance its relatability with customers. 

Short-form video platforms are undoubtedly the next big step in influencer marketing. The benefits of including these platforms in your marketing strategy are infinite. From increased visibility to heavy engagement, you can unlock the best outcomes of influencer marketing. 

If you’re looking to make the best of your influencer marketing strategy, subscribe to XemotoMedia. We can help you market your brand with the best influencers in your field.

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